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Year of the Rabbit Geocoin

Žádné hodnocení. Kód: GC-Rabbit-2023
Dostupnost: Skladem - okamžitě k odběru
375,00 Kč , plus doprava

Year of the Rabbit Geocoin

Starting on January 22, it is the Year of the Water Rabbit! 

The Rabbit is known as a gentle creature who thinks things through before acting. It is therefore known to be very good at mystery caches, and knows to check cache logs before hitting the trail. 

The Water element also brings the instinct to build strong connections with those around us. This can be done by caching with friends, or by planning and attending geocaching events. 

This impressive design is from our friends at Cache-Advance. There were multiple finishes designed, but the green and gold finish is exclusive to Shop Geocaching! 

Velikost geocoinu cca 45 x 45 mm

Geocoin je trackovatelný na s vlastní ikonou. 

Váha 0.047 kg
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