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Year of the Horse Geocoin

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Year of the Horse Geocoin

Is it 4711 already? It is if you are looking at the traditional Chinese calendar, and that means that it is the Year of the Green Wooden Horse.

To celebrate this, the 31st Stem-Branch in the cycle of this counting system, we have asked celebrated designer Christian Mackey to design a Geocoin for us. The result is a Geocoin that will be a must have for any collection.

In the words of Christian Mackey:
The face of the coin we have a 5 layer 2d bas relief of a horse rampant with the traditional Chinese calligraphic symbol for horse to the right. The traditional script for Happiness above and Motion/Forward-Movement below are included as the prime Zodiac characteristics of people born under this auspicious sign. A traditional Chinese rail fence border surrounds and creates an outer border for the two-tone purple (primary color of this zodiac) highlighting the North East, North West and South West poles. The Chinese Zodiac began as a combination of fortune telling and directional guide and these 3 poles are the primary aspects for the sign of the Horse. The coin is 8 sided and is considered a lucky shape in the traditional Chinese culture for this reason. In Chinese Astrology the number 8 is considered the perfect numerical balance and the ideal state of being for all people.

On the reverse we have 2 (lucky number A for the year of the Horse) perfectly reflected horses (duality is very big) over the Zodiac Compass. From left to right clockwise we have 3 script words (lucky number B for the year of the Horse) stating Green, Wood and 31 as the three distinct aspects of the 2014 Horse year. These elements plus the Calla Lilies (the symbolic flower for the year of the horse) and the Yin Yang symbol make the critical 8 elements needed for a perfect harmonious balance. Written in traditional-simplified script across the entire back is the official Chinese year 4711 of their calendar.

This coin is approximately 2 inches at its widest point, has a unique icon and is trackable at

Geocoin je trackovatelný na s vlastní ikonou. 

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