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Original Stash Bucket Geocoin Set

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Original Stash Bucket Geocoin Set

Sada čtyř speciálních trackovatelých předmětů v podobě vůbec první geocache a několika předmětů, které do ní byly 3. května 2000 vloženy.

On May 3, 2000, a five-gallon bucket was placed in the woods outside of Portland, Oregon by Dave Ulmer. There were some random items in the bucket, including a sling shot, a VHS tape of "George of the Jungle", and a can of beans. The coordinates were then listed on a chat group of GPS enthusiasts and modern-day geocaching was born! Mike Teague was the original First to Find the very next day.

Over the past 20 years, much has changed.  We have seen this amazing game evolve from one bucket in the woods to over 3 million geocaches hidden throughout the world. That seems like something to celebrate!

Designed by our very own Roxxy, this is an amazing geocoin that will be the pride of every collection.  It is an actual mini bucket with a detachable lid and 3 nano geocoins representing some of the original SWAG.

Celebrate 20 Years of adventure, exploration, and community with this amazing trackable set! 

The Original Stash Bucket Geocoin Set includes four items that each have a unique tracking code.  They are all trackable at with a unique icon.

Each set includes: 

  • A 3D bucket geocoin with a detachable lid
  • An OCB (Original Can of Beans) nano geocoin
  • A sling shot nano geocoin
  • A VHS tape nano geocoin


  • Bucket is approximately 3,8 cm tall and 3,2 cm in diameter
  • Each nano is approximately 2 cm x 1 cm
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